Products that perform

With Marvin, you can create the right solution for any project in any climate. Marvin provides long-lasting, high-performance products which will help limit energy costs without sacrificing quality, appearance or durability.

Double pane LoĒ2-272® insulating glass with argon is standard; units can be specified with different selective coatings, gas, number of panes, glass thickness and airspace to achieve desired performance objectives.

Whole Window Thermal Values
Category Product U-Factor SHGC VT
Vertical Sliding Double Hung Clad .18-.51 .10-.56 .09-.59
Vertical Sliding Double Hung Wood .16-.84 .10-.63 .09-.65
Swinging Casement Clad .20-.50 .10-.54 .09-.56
Swinging Casement Wood .19-.80 .09-.59 .09-.60
Tilting / Projecting Awning Clad .20-.50 .10-.54 .09-.56
Tilting / Projecting Awning Wood .19-.83 .09-.59 .09-.60
Horizontal Sliding Glider Clad .23-.51 .10-.57 .09-.60
Horizontal Sliding Glider Wood .20-.50 .10-.56 .09-.59
Fixed Polygons / Special Shapes Clad .16-.52 .10-.67 .09-.72
Fixed Polygons / Special Shapes Wood .15-.92 .10-.75 .09-.78
Dual Action Tilt Turn Clad .22-.83 .10-.60 .09-.62
Dual Action Tilt Turn Wood .18-.78 .09-.58 .08-.60

Marvin continually strives to improve the energy efficiency of its windows and doors. Ongoing product refinement results in glass options, coating options, and design upgrades that continually enhance our industry-leading range of energy efficient products.
Performance options for enhanced energy efficiency include:
  • Krypton – a gas which, when mixed with argon and air, increases the insulating power of our Tripane products with narrow airspaces
  • XL Edge™ Spacer - the warm-edge spacer system from Cardinal glass
  • Energy Panel - a glazing option consisting of a removable exterior glass panel finished on the edges by a surround. Energy panels cover the exposed glass surface of each sash, and offer added energy efficiency for wood windows with single glazing.
  • Storm and Screen Combos - a combination system can be configured multiple ways and can be easily removed from the interior for cleaning. Customized commercial screens can be a good solution for renovation projects.

360 degrees. Endless possibilites. Bring in winter's natural light with the Rota...

360 degrees. Endless possibilites. Bring in winter's natural light with the Rotary Window: #MarvinWindows #HandcraftedinAmerica