Marvin’s record of innovation goes back to the very earliest days of the company. In fact, we got into the window business after a worker at the Marvin lumber yard suggested making barn window sashes and door frames as a way to keep employees busy during the slow winter months. Longtime Marvin employees tell stories of rigging their own machinery out of truck parts and farm equipment. If nobody made the equipment they needed for a specific task, they’d build it themselves.

Since then, we’ve consistently been an industry leader in developing innovative new products as well as innovative ways to better serve our customers. Innovation is in our blood. We work as a team to develop new solutions for products and services.

Our innovations include:

  • Created Signature Services, an elite unit that tackles the toughest design and engineering challenges. Signature provides unique, custom solutions that other manufacturers would call impossible
  • Largest window and door company that builds every order to a customer’s exact specifications
  • First window company to deliver with its own fleet of trucks
  • Created the Stack and Strip window: a unique design that functioned as a hopper, casement or awning; this was a cornerstone Marvin product for nearly 30 years beginning in the 1950s
  • Reintroduced round-top windows to the market, opening up new avenues for modern home design
  • Developed and patented Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass that outperforms every other non-wood window material
  • First window company to use wood bead glazing instead of putty
  • Introduced standard-sized curved glass windows and standard corner glass windows
  • Created the revolutionary Ultimate Casement line
  • Created the Ultimate Glider, the first complete re-engineering of this classic window style
  • First window company to offer factory-installed jamb extensions
  • First window company to have its entire product line certified by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association
  • First window company to offer Low-E (low emissivity) glass on our entire product line
  • First window company to provide a commercial-grade aluminum clad finish as a standard on an entire product line
  • Introduced Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors – fiberglass composite windows and doors
  • Introduced Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows – replacement fiberglass windows with EverWood®


Marvin's products, features and designs are covered by one or more of the following patents or pending patent applications:

Patent #

  • D487,012 - Casement Window Folding Handle
  • D497,304 - Casement Window Handle Cover
  • 5,115,596 - Sliding Door Mounting System
  • 5,120,094 - Sliding Door Locking Device
  • 5,125,442 - Wood Component Attachment
  • 5,212,921 - Door Sill Composition
  • 5,448,869 - Composite Framing Member and Window or Door Assembly Incorporating a Composite Framing Member
  • 6,141,913 - Window Sash Position Maintainer
  • 6,672,009 - Window Sash Position Maintainer
  • 6,779,580 - Wood Interior Screen for Out-Swinging Wood Window
  • 6,938,373 - Window Sash Position Maintainer
  • 6,964,290 - Wood Interior Screen for Out-Swinging Wood Window
  • 7,182,119 - Screen Assembly for Outwardly Projecting Window
  • CA 103,677 - Casement Window Handle Cover (Canada)
  • CA 103,678 - Casement Window Folding Handle (Canada)
  • D594,732 - Cover for a Casement Window Handle
  • D595,110 - Casement Window Folding Handle and Cover
  • 7,552,562 - Structural Filler System for a Window or Door
  • 7,631,465 - Jamb Adjustment and Securement Assembly and Methods Therefor
  • 7,743,814 - Screen Assembly for Outwardly Projecting Window
  • D620,347 - Pair of Handle Pockets for a Lift and Slide Fenestration
  • D621,255 - Handle for a Lift and Slide Fenestration
  • 7,788,851 - Window Drive Mechanism
  • 8,046,954 - Outswinging Window Assembly Having an Operational Mode and a Wash Mode and Method of Operation
  • CA 2,371,437 - Window Sash Position Maintainer (Canada)
  • CA 2,455,459 - Wood Interior Screen for Out-Swinging Wood Window (Canada)

We’re honored! (literally). More about our Best of The International Builders' S...

We’re honored! (literally). More about our Best of The International Builders' Show (IBS) award on MLuxe: http://bit.ly/1zVoT48

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