Marvin has a legacy of innovative products and proven performance. We are continually upgreading our products and processes in order to achieve better performance goals, inventing new products for commercial as well as residential markets, and creating site-specific custom solutions for today's greener New Construction market.


Marvin's range of products and options make it possible for you to get the exact solution you're looking for. Learn about some of our recent products and services that keep up with your needs.


Many products have been designed to meet the 2008 AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.


Marvin supports building professionals with the tools and products that make it easier to meet project objectives. BIM objects are available for many Marvin products. Download 3D symbols for Revit or at Autodesk Seek.

Windows can contribute to LEED Certification. Contact your Marvin rep. Marvin's in-house LEED Data Calculator summarizes values for Marvin products specified in a particular project relative to LEED categories EA credit 1, MR credits 4.1,4,2, and 7. It also generates the manufacturer’s documentation for LEED certification submission materials.


When window and door orders come in, wood is sent to the Double-End (DE) Moulder...

When window and door orders come in, wood is sent to the Double-End (DE) Moulders - Machining area. Moulders form the piece of wood in a sash, frame or screen component. Meet Somphone Keosay, who is ...