Nolte Hall / University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Nolte Hall offers some of the most fascinating architectural nuances to be found on the University of Minnesota campus. As with many historic restorations, the challenge with Nolte Hall was to provide new window designs that precisely reproduced the aesthetic intricacies of the original windows, but with contemporary materials and features that provided a durable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance solution.

Project Highlights

  • The windows built for this project incorporated custom extruded aluminum clad casing and sill profiles, simulated divided lites and a recessed transom on a number of large roundtop windows.
  • The aluminum screens even matched the originals – right down to the bronze screen mesh.
  • One of the design details our windows replicated was the ogee lug. This historic feature was recreated in low-maintenance clad with a durable Kynar® finish.
  • A new insulating glass sash was designed to save energy while preserving the original art glass and wood millwork. 

Building Type
University Building

Units and Applications
Custom extruded aluminum clad casing and sill profiles
Simulated divided lites
Large roundtop windows

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