Pillsbury Hall / Minneapolis, MN
Returning the Pillsbury to its historic grandeur

When the University of Minnesota set out to renovate historic Pillsbury Hall, it faced the significant challenge of matching new windows to the aesthetics of the 112-year
old building and the surrounding campus.

Returning the Pillsbury to its historic grandeur meant creating energy-efficient, low maintenance units that precisely captured every detail, from special, curved-clad units to clad Authentic Divided Lites (ADL).

Signature Services master millworkers went to work dissecting, replicating and carefully fitting historic windows. The result? Authenticity with enduring performance

Project Highlights

  • To fit with the original stonework, Signature Services experts molded extruded aluminum to match the historic casing profile. They also created a custom window color to match the existing shade..
  • Single double-hung windows were configured in a sliphead-like fashion. This replacement solution allowed the original millwork and plaster to remain undisturbed, dramatically cutting installation time.

Building Type
Educational Building

Signature products used in this project
Custom Color
Custom Clad Panning System
Clad Authentic Divided Lites (ADL)

Signature Project Lead
Chris Ratzlaff

Signature Craftsmen
Dana Weiss

Production Supervisor
Mike Lee

Sheehy Construction, Inc.

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