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Halloween Throwback: A ghostly French house

This Gaudi-esque house would be great for a Halloween party! Doesn’t it look spooky? Artists Christopher Berdaguer and Marie Péjus created the shape of this French house by polystyrene and paint. According to Dezeen: “The heart of the project is the transformation of an existing building that was once a prison, then a school and then a funeral home. Keeping this context in mind, the artists us...
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The Glass "Tree House"

   This home in Redberry Grove is called “The Tree House,” but not in the way that you’d expect. The residence is completely covered in opaque black glass, which acts a dark mirror. Surrounded by oak trees and flower beds, the glass reflects the beautiful landscape. Another cool feature of this home is the use of glass skylights, which take advantage of the natural lighting and ...
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A Breathtaking Zig-Zag Villa in Athens

Sitting atop a hillside and overlooking the Aegean Sea, it’s not hard to find a picture-perfect view from this Athen’s home. Floor-to-ceiling windows scale a majority of the rooms, and the unique zig-zag structure creates a limitless patio on each floor. The residence takes advantage of the incredibly steep property, and the final result is breathtaking – especially when lit up a...
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Here's a deal for you...

How much would you pay for a fixer-upper in a nice city? What if the exterior was absolutely stunning and the inside needed some serious work? $100,000? $50,000? How about $1? Yes, someone bought this for $1:  Wow. Of course, the new owners’ total outlay wasn’t really $1. The inside needed some work to say the least! The owners had to balance restoring a historic property and prese...
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Welcome aboard this Boeing 727

People have diverse interests, and for those who love planes, beaches and tropical vacations there is a place for you: The Fuselage Home in Costa Rica. It’s made out of an old Boeing 727 (they have added some terraces on to the exterior, and there is even a deck on the right wing). As cool as the outside looks, it’s inside that the real luxury begins. All the old seats have been remov...
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Get in the Halloween spirit with these "Haunting Houses" #TBT:

Get in the Halloween spirit with these "Haunting Houses" #TBT: